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São Paulo, Brazil: Editora Lello, S.A. The material was developed by N. L. Williams and M. A. L. Teixeira. Cimatron E8.5 1230 8.5 and 2011 , S.A. Abstract This paper is a tutorial on the Cimatron Tool. It is mainly a step-by-step guide that provides basic procedures to use the tool. It is a teaching materials in higher vocational education (Vocational College) for the students to learn the basic programming and database skills for some easy and simple application. The tool is used to simulate equipment on the manufacturing line. The paper is in Chinese language and it is available as a pdf file. The teaching materials consists of four documents: a) STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO USE THE TOOL. B) CHAPTER 1 – BASIC FUNCTIONS. C) CHAPTER 2 – INSERTION FUNCTION. D) CHAPTER 3 – SELECTION FUNCTION. Introduction 1. Problem Statement Higher Vocational Education (Vocational College) 2. General Problem Statement The Cimatron Tool is the general solution of the working activity. When the solution is complicated, it can be divided into two levels: the higher level is with the Cimatron Tool and the lower level is without Cimatron Tool. 3. Objective To introduce and teach basic programming skill of Cimatron E8.5. To introduce and teach the concept of database. To introduce the concept of database development. To introduce the relation between the programming and database. 4. Brief Description of the Product Cimatron E8.5 is a computer simulation tool for the manufacture process. It is especially for manufacturing and management departments who want to simulate their production line. Because it is with simulation features, the Cimatron E8.5 can deal with the factory production process with the given information. The functions are divided into four types: the basic functions, the insertion function, the selection function and the enrichment function. The tool can be operated by both the programming languages and the database languages. 5. Key Words Cimatron E8.5 NC Programming Tutorial (series of teaching materials on manufacture for higher vocationals education) (Chinese Edition) Paperback –



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Cimatron E8 5 Crack philfab

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